Recon Q | Scrap Recovery Downstream

Product Details

The Recon-Q scrap recovery downstream is equipped with unique features offering scrap processors a revolutionary machine to maximize ferrous metal recovery. The machine removes super light and light fractions (fluff, paper, plastics and cloth) with further magnetic separation and quality control with the scrap drum and picking cabin ensuring maximum ferrous metal recovery for the end user.

This machine is an addition to Ecohog’s magnetic separation range, allowing processors to reduce their carbon emissions by opting for our HYBRID energy option to be able to run this beast off electric.

Working in harmony with the EQS-1200SM-3 and THM ECS-2000 for further recovery of ferrous and non ferrous metals downstream achieving maximum recovery.

Recon Q Brochure Recon Q Brochure


  • Density Separator and Cyclone
  • Permanent Magnetic Scrap Drum
  • Quality Control Cabin
  • EH-81 Airhog
  • Crawler Tracks
  • Hydraulically Driven


  • Scrap Recovery Unit with Super Light (Fluff) & Light Fraction Removal
  • Scrap Metal Ferrous Recovery
  • SRF Clean-up
  • Skip Waste Processing
  • WEEE Processing
  • Incinerator Ash
  • Slag Recovery